Re:source Yoga

Re:source Yoga Therapy, based in Montreal, exemplifies innovation in complementary and sustainable health care through Yoga Therapeutics. Founded by the visionary Carina Raisman, Re:source Yoga Therapy aims to empower individuals with the knowledge and practices necessary for proactive health management.

Elevating Re:source Yoga Therapy's Online Presence

In aligning with Re:source Yoga Therapy’s commitment to innovation and empowerment in health care, our collaboration aimed at enhancing their online presence was both strategic and transformative. Tasked with the redesign of their website, we focused on creating a digital space that would serve as an extension of their ethos—promoting wellness and proactive health management through a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing platform. This project allowed us to craft a website that not only facilitates easy access to their resources and services but also reflects the serenity and balance that are core to the Re:source Yoga Therapy philosophy. 

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